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My son got married September 3rd and I was very anxious to look my best. For the last few months I was doing everything to help alleviate the wrinkles and fine lines on my face. (facials, diet, exercise).I thought I was doing a good job and then I received a NuFace treatment from Donna. I saw immediate results and was so happy and pleased. And no pain!!! I got a comment from my friend who said ‘what did I do I looked amazing’. I was shocked that people could see a difference in just 1 treatment.I would highly recommend the NuFace treatment to anyone who wants to look younger and not have to spend a fortune to get the results.  Thank you Donna, I looked great in the wedding pictures. Can't wait for another treatment.  Gratefully, Sally L.Northridge, CA

 “Guided Imagery?  I had never experienced the process before and I was surprised at how calm and comfortable I felt with Donna as she guided me along a beautiful path that allowed me to release feelings I had  not realized I was holding on to so tightly for a very, very long time. I found it to be a powerful tool in helping me rediscover myself and focus on my unique personality and problems.  

When dealing with issues that were overwhelming, the comfort and security I got from Donna made all the difference.  I was able to let my mind, body and spirit relax into soothing words and images.  My session was customized just for me and my situation. I highly recommend the use of a guided imagery by Donna for anyone facing surgery or any stressful life situation. 

Guided by her soft and even-toned voice which was accompanied by some soothingly  light music, I was able to create my own Imagery in between her well thought out suggestions. She guided me into creating a way to make my session a safe and desirable journey. 

Donna’s quality of presence feels pure and authentic.  I felt held by compassion in the quality of her voice and there was a sense of gentle authority that she knows what she is doing. As always, God finds the right people at the right time. I will be eternally grateful”         Amy K, Costa Mesa, CA.  

 “I have received Holistic Life Coaching from Donna  for over a year now and cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made in my life.  Donna was able to get to ‘the heart of the matter’ within my first and second session through her subtle questions and guidance.   Looking back over our time together, I find that I feel grounded and have more focus and clarity in my life. She truly walks the walk and talks the talk of  ‘Mind – Body – and Spirit” philosophy. Situations or events in the past that use to ‘push my buttons’ now are just that- a stand-alone situation or events that I decide to look at with the eyes of an objective observer .  In a strange way – each event has become an opportunities to learn more about myself and the person I am interacting with.   I feel ‘in control’ and ‘at peace with myself’.   I now find that I do not ‘react’ to each given situation, rather, I look at  what the real root question / comment is that is being said and chose to either respond in a kind and loving manner or ask for clarification to assure I am hearing correctly.  The freedom I feel from my past ‘bondage’ is indescribable.  I feel so much lighter emotionally, physically and energetically.  As a result of my life coaching series, I no longer feel the need to ‘stuff’ my feeling by eating.  By becoming aware of my ‘stuffing’ habits, I have developed healthier and more conscious eating choices. Friends and family have noticed that I have a stronger more positive outlook on life. An added benefit to my new found self-confidence is that my financial situation has improved.” Amber W.  Costa Mesa, CA

Donna provided me with a chance to feel beautiful for my daughter's wedding. NuFace is a product that is evidence based and actually works. Donna is extremely professional as an esthetician and completely careful about cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Her office is beautiful and she made me feel special and welcomed into her lovely sanctuary. We ventured into the almost hopeless domain of helping lift and tone my facial muscles. Day after day, week after week, my daughter's wedding drew closer and my goal became more achievable. Finally the day came and vella! A beautiful new look, 10 years younger looking and I felt beautiful. And you can too with Donna and NuFace!” Cheryl S.  San Clemente, CA. 

 “Donna made me feel very comfortable and at ease discussing my skin. Her caring manner made me feel like I was chatting with my best friend. Donna makes sure you know every step of the way what she is using on your skin and what the effects will be. I have had skin breakouts and rashes after facials before but Donna uses Epicuren products which leaves me with a refreshed face, free of any negative reactions. I absolutely LOVE the way my skin feels and looks afterwards. Donna also discussed how diet and stress can affect the skin and gave great, simple tips for reducing stress. I can't wait for my next facial!” Stacey B. Garden Grove, CA

“I had been unemployed for several months and was becoming very depressed.  A friend of mine said he had felt the say way and that he had a couple of Life Coaching Sessions with Donna and it really helped him.  He gave me Donna’s telephone number and suggested I call her to see if she could help me.  It took me a couple of day before I got the courage to call her.  When I finally spoke with Donna and explained my situation, she offered to see me at a reduced fee.  I did not know what to expect when I first met her.  She was very nice and as we were talking and she was asking me questions, I felt like I was talking to a good friend who understood me.  When I left that first visit, I felt a new sense of hope and a ‘can do’ attitude that I had not felt for a long long time.  We worked out a very affordable payment arrangement that I was comfortable with.  I have followed the goals and strategies that we put together in the sessions and I am proud to say that I have been gainfully employed now for 6 weeks and love my new job.  It is the exact job I only hoped I would get. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have a clear focus on your goal and a strategy to implement steps to reach that goal.  She is a gem and I do not know what I would have done without her help.  She is more than a Life Coach; she is my mentor that is right by my side keeping me excited about my future.” Don K.  Santa Ana, CA 

“I get regular massages and my friend raves about Donna, so I thought ‘why not give her a try’.  I received Donna’s Ultimate Massage – a 90 minute full body massage and facial combination.  What a heavenly treatment.  Best massage I have ever had.  And to get a facial as well – what a treat.   Not only does my face look wonderful, my body feels relaxed and refreshed. Can’t wait to make another appointment – what a miracle worker!! Joann D. San Juan Capistrano, CA 


 “Due to a traumatic childhood, I have been in counseling for several years and always seem to just go round in circles. Fortunately, I have good health insurance, but did not seem to feel I was progressing in my therapy.  I like the fact that I can ‘talk about my issues’, but I never seem to feel a sense of completion.  A friend of mine told me how she had a couple of Guided Imagery session with Donna and was ‘blown away’ by the sessions.  I decided to call Donna and scheduled an appointment.  My first Guided Imagery appointment was free and the session was very relaxing.  I thought – that was nice.  I went ahead and scheduled a second appointment and my goodness what a difference.  The Imagery she chose was ‘spot on’.  I was able to”       Maria W., Laguna Niguel, CA 

Professional Testimonial 

“It is an honor to write this recommendation for Donna  and  Safe Haven Wellness Center. We are facilitators of a program to certify individuals in the art and science of Guided Imagery, and we are proud to say Donna is one of our graduates. Completing the 131 hours of training, she displayed an excellent grasp of the powerful process of imagery, and with her incredibly intuitive sense of the body-mind connection, she combines imagery with her other healing modalities to provide a safe place for her clients to relax, find peace, and ultimately that center of balance and good health.”  Charles D. Leviton, EdD    Patti Leviton, MA   SYNERGY SEMINARS 

"Donna is a very professional and compassionate individual. I had the pleasure of working with her and saw her amazing skills with people and in reaching all their needs. She is also a great healer and listener with her patients and pays close attention to fine details. She has the innate ability to connect people within the community in a cohesive and natural way. I would recommend Donna  to my own family members and friends in a heartbeat!"   Tina Ghahramani-Singh, L.Ac.